Retirement 101® DVD & RIEM Combo Package

Retirement 101® DVD & RIEM Combo Package
Price: $398.00

Finally, a Realistic Way to Plan Your Future That Won't Throw You Into "Retirement Shock"! 

Did you know that most people spend more time planning a two-week vacation then their twenty to thirty-year retirement?

And retirement is a huge transition in anyone’s life.

Studies show retirement is a bigger transition than getting married, losing your job or having the kids move out.

In fact, it’s such a big transition, that the term “Retirement Shock” is used to describe what many people experience during this time. Actually, some even call it “Retirement Nightmare”!

The truth is, people just aren’t prepared psychologically, emotionally…or financially for the life changes that retirement brings.

I’ll explain more about “Retirement Shock” in a moment, but first…

I’d like to ask you a question…

“What Are YOU Going To Do
Once You Stop Working?”

Have you thought about it?

Do you have dreams…things you’d like to do, places you’d like to go…people you’d like to see?

I’ll give you an example of two equally valid retirement plans:

Retirement Dream One involves a police officer, 6’ 6” who missed lots of football events because he was working all the time. So his retirement dream included purchasing a state-of-the-art satellite TV dish and a leather reclining chair.
Retirement Dream
The second example involves two teachers who love sailing. When they retired, they sold their house and their cottage – freed up hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets and bought themselves a 55 square foot sailing yacht so they could sail the fresh waters of the North Channel in the summer.

In the fall, they sailed to the Caribbean where they would teach English as a second language.

Two different Retirement Plans requiring very different resources.

The great thing about these two stories is that these folks looked at retirement as an opportunity to see how they could create a life they would cherish and enjoy.

“Why Cheat Yourself Out of a Retirement You’ll Truly Enjoy?”

Many people are afraid to think about retirement for many reasons…but the most common reason is…

“I can’t afford to retire, let alone enjoy the retirement of my dreams!”

However, by determining…

The vision for your Retirement now.
Your financial situation now.

You will have the opportunity to build your dreams
You can build a Retirement Income Expense Model and create a plan so you can make good choices for your financial future.

Our simple process helps you calculate determine your Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security to determine what your Financial Plan will look like – so you can view “the big picture”.

Getting the “big picture” will help you make important decisions about your future…show you simple steps you can take NOW so you can create a retirement you can actually look forward to.


What is “Retirement Shock” And How Can You Avoid It?

Even though you may face challenges in your job at times, you would probably agree that there are many rewards your career gives you…

Rewards like…

• Social Status
• Social Interaction
• Structure
• A Place to Go
• A Sense of Purpose
• Your Identity

Retirement is a shock for a lot of people because they lose all these things all at once.

Once day they’re working – the next day they have no place to go. No schedules. Nobody expecting them.

The sudden break of daily social interaction can be devastating.

The lost of identity your career gave you…can leave you feeling lost and alone. You no longer have that interaction with colleagues or are surrounded by youth.

The sudden shock of being with your spouse 24/7 can make you realize how much you enjoyed your sense of independence.
But, by being PREPARED, you can educate yourself about common retirement challenges and navigate your way through retirement with great success and happiness.  Here's how to do that!

Introducing The
“Retirement 101® Program”

Find Out How Much You Need For The Retirement You REALLY Want!

During the Retirement 101® DVD Program, you will…

• Discover the true meaning of retirement planning, “This is What I Want to Do;
   How Can I Make it Happen?”
• Discover how to create a future you are truly excited about.
• Gain the experience that will give you the knowledge and the tools needed to
   avoid “retirement shock”.
• Start the process of creating the "Retirement Income & Expense Model" which will
   help you make better financial decisions before and during retirement.



How Does The Program Work?

The Retirement 101® DVD Program is a do-it-yourself educational program that you can do at your leisure by yourself with your partner/spouse.  The DVD's will lead you through information that will empower you to plan for retirement through concepts that may have kept you away from planning process previously.  It will ease the burden of doing it alone.
Whether you are five, ten or fifteen years or more away from quitting work, this DVD program will help make you feel more in control and in a position of emotional and financial strength as you plan for your transition to retirement.
During your time with the DVD program you'll discover how to build your successful retirement plan.  DVD titles include:
⇒ Life Transition Plan
⇒ What will you do when you quit work?
⇒ Money is Dysfunctional
⇒ The Retirement Income & Expense Model (RIEM)
And much more.
 Topics that are covered and they key factors in building your successful retirement plan include:
• Economic Factors
• Compound Interest
• Introduction to Inflation
• Saving vs. Investing
• Retirement Shock
• Dealing with Emotion
• Procrastination
• The Role of a Financial Planner
• The Planning Process
• Psychology of Money
• How to Deal With Money Conflicts
• Getting into a Position of Strength and Certainty About Your Future
• Income Taxes
• Intuitive Investing
• How Much is Enough?
• Introduction to Wills & Powers of Attorney
• Operation of Law
• The Estate Trustee
• How to Make Sure Your Beneficiaries Win 
Please note that during the Retirement 101® Program , no financial products (mutual funds, GICs, Insurance, stocks, bonds, etc) are promoted.
Homework made easy?

The Retirement 101® DVD Program comes complete with "Homework".
In fact there is an entire DVD dedicated to helping you complete the homework.
By participating in the homework assignments, you will begin to get a clear picture of your current situation; your dream retirement, (and whether it is the same as your partner's or not); and your financial status at the time of your retirement.
You will send your homework to the Retirement 101® Team and will have the opportunity to set up a one-on-one consultation with a Professional.


Total Value of DVD Program is valued at $1,950

The one-on-one
Worth an Additional

We are really excited to offer the combination of the DVD program and the Retirement Income and Expense Model(RIEM) to you.
The RIEM will show you every aspect of your entire "Financial Picture".  It will

The RIEM creates a complete picture of “where you are” and “where you will be” at retirement because it integrates all your savings, plus Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP), Company Pensions (if you have one), the government pension plan (CPP) and Old Age Security benefits (OAS).
The RIEM allows you to see the gaps between your retirement dreams and the reality of your finances.
Having the RIEM places you in a position of power, because now you can look at your options and make informed, intelligent decisions and plans based on the facts, rather than leaving something as important as your retirement to chance.

Okay, I want to purchase the entire
Retirement 101® Program —

How much is it?
Programs with this amount of retirement and financial information can easily cost anywhere from $2,000–$5,000, and as you can see, the total value of this course could be as high as $3,450.
                Retirement 101® Education component (DVD) - $1,950
                Retirement Income & Expense Model  -              $1,500
                Total Value:                                                       $3,450
But you won't pay $3,450 or $2,000 or even $500 because right now, we are offering the Retirment 101® Program for $398.00

Listen to What People Are Saying About

 The Retirement 101® Program


Extremely informative. Very definitive. It’s solid – start to finish.”
– Ellen Luelo –
Well worth the time. Encourages, yet forces you to address future retirement issues.”
– Sherry & Bill Ratz–
An excellent way to not only plan your retirement but figure out if you’re doing things right today.”
– S. Redpath
Very helpful in giving direction and creating awareness of retirement needs. This would be a wonderful, informative presentation for employers to use for their employees (at a younger age!); especially the investment and financial sections
– A. Conway –
Retirement is about living. Retirement 101® has equipped us to plan to live without fear of life after work. Questions we had not thought of yet were posed and answered.”
– Sandra & Terry Fielder –
“I would say “take the course!” It’s very informative. It was fantastic.”
– Leigh Steckley –
“Excellent value! If you could only spend $400 and 8 hours for your retirement planning, this is IT. You won't get a better value and education elsewhere. It does not matter what you know or don't know about the topic.”
– Jordan Wu – R101 Webinar Participant
Doug Treen author of Psychology of Executive Retirement - From Fear to Passion states:  
I have now gone through the modules and was very impressed. It's very well put together and very thorough. I really enjoyed John's explanation on the formation of money and your piece on MUES., very educational. It's the complete program covering the hard financial as well as the most elusive softer human elements. It was very well presented verbally.

Purchase your DVD Now and Walk Away with Your

 Own Retirement Income & Expense Model So You Can Realistically Plan A

 Retirement You Truly Deserve!